How to Achieve Real Business Success

Are you achieving the level of business success you really want?

Whatever your aspirations, it would be fair to say, by virtue of the fact that you are even reading this article you are striving to achieve greater business success than you currently achieve. You want to do better. You may even be on a learning curve and constantly improving, getting closer to our potential. But the fact remains; there is still a way to go.

In this article, I want to examine the three key drivers of business success. How you approach these drivers is critical to achieving real business success. You will discover how you either limit your success by your current approach or how you can achieve real business success by dealing with these business success drivers in the same way the leading entrepreneurs do.

Vision: Living – Lifestyle – Legacy

The most critical business success driver is your vision, or purpose, for being in business. Your main purpose may be in simply earning a living. Or it may be about creating a wealthy lifestyle. At another level, some people have an ambition to build a legacy, or a business that provides something for others into the future. Building a legacy means more than providing for yourself. It means creating value for others. If your purpose is about contribution you are often inspired to go to greater heights than when you merely provide for yourself. When you provide for yourself, you are happy to stop when you reach a point of satisfaction. However, when you are inspired to give, at what point do you say, “Stop. That’s enough?”

When your vision for business success is to build a legacy, you are better positioned to reach your full potential. This is not about judgment or what’s right or wrong. Just be aware that if you opt for anything less than creating a legacy, you are likely to be limiting your business success potential. When you decide to build a legacy, you are embarking on a creating a venture that everyone wants to succeed and that support provides incredible momentum.

Objectives: Goals and Beliefs

Another key driver of business success is the objectives we set and our own ability to believe that we can achieve something great. Many of us dream of lofty and commendable goals, but then struggle to believe that we could really build the business of our dreams. So we make our goal smaller and only within our comfort zone. The truly successful entrepreneurs on the other hand, believe they can do great things and go for it. They have faith that they can overcome the obstacles you think would hold you back.

Only you can make the choice. If you want to achieve great things, you must first decide to believe you can.

Strategic Focus and Competition

The third key driver of business success is our strategic focus. This relates to what we actually do each day and how we do it. We have a choice to focus on survival, which is short term, or scalability and sale-ability, which are long term perspectives. We must keep these in balance.

If we want to achieve real business success, we must first find ways to leverage ourselves out of only working on survival activities. This will free us to focus on the activities that develop our business into the areas of high potential payoff of our dreams.

When we are focused on growth and scalability, business success results from out-shining our competitors. A big mistake that many businesses make is simply in trying to do the same things competitors do better than they do. What results from doing the same things better is marginal improvements. This approach limits our ability to achieve real business success.

Highly successful businesses don’t win by doing the same things better; they win by doing different things. The best way to achieve this difference in approach is to study what customers in your general industry really want and discover what they don’t get, but would like more of. When competitors try to do the same things better, or cheaper, they tend to miss opportunities to be different. But when you go down a different strategic path to create customer value, the potential is enormous.

The Result – No Limits

When you look at the world’s most successful businesses, you will see that many were started by people who had no greater skill or advantage than most other business owners. However, their level of business success was achieved because they refused to place limits on their success potential.

Our lesson is that we can achieve far more than we ever thought possible, if we don’t limit ourselves or our business success by our own lack of belief or lack of vision. If we choose to discover our full potential, there are many ways this can be achieved. These methods are usually given full scope, not by following closely in the path of the many, but by changing the rules and playing a different game than that played by your competitors.

The result is that not only you win big, but you create a legacy that continues to provide the value that a truly successful business can provide. That’s real business success.
By Greg Roworth