Business Plan to Work on the Business


A lot of people have heard about needing to work both in your business and on your business. That’s great advice but what I’ve experienced is that people don’t actually know what working on your business is. They don’t actually know what things to do to work on the business.

While that’s important, most people get stuck on working in the business because they don’t have any other alternative. What’s in their face all day are the things that need to be done in the business. They need to talk to their customers, they need to talk to their employees, they need to check their email, they need to answer the phone, they need to get the orders out. All of those things are urgent and need to be done today. You can’t avoid that. While they are doing all of those things there is never any time put aside to work on the business and because they don’t actually know what they need to work on there’s a double challenge.

The only way we’ve found to create urgency around what to do to work on your business is to actually have a business plan that has an action plan with specific actions that need to be worked on. When we create a business plan with and action plan with actions that are prioritised, listed in order, assigned to specific people, you’ve clearly then got working on the business tasks as well and when there’s a deadline around those tasks and there’s accountability in the process the ability to juggle the urgent day to day tasks that work in the business and put in some of the tasks where you’re able to set aside time to work on the business is so much easier because you’ve got urgency around both aspects and people always respond to what’s urgent rather than what’s important.

Being able to integrate important tasks with urgency then gives an equal balance to “what am I going to do now? Yeah this needs to be done and so does this but this is actually more important than that other urgent task so I’ll work on the business for this time.”

Being able to work on the business is about have a clear set of actions that have deadlines and timeframes where you must work on those as well so you can eliminate the pressure to work on the urgent tasks that are creating pressure in the business just by having a clear set of actions that you need to do to work on the business and develop it.