Want to Connect, Build Relationships and Share Experiences with Other Business Owners?

We believe the best results in marketing come from leveraging relationships built on trust.

We believe that together we all will achieve more.

We believe that if we all help each other achieve our dreams then together the community will grow.

Every third Friday of the month we invite our clients to come together to connect with other business owners like yourself.

We encourage our clients to build strong networks of business owners that want to work together to give our clients the very best they deserve.

This event is designed for you to:

  • Be connected to other like-minded people
  • To be a part of a community that works together so we all grow
  • For you to develop relationships with businesses that are complementary to your services
  • See what others are doing and how that may apply to your business

This event is designed to help you get comfortable meeting other business owners and to support you in growing your network.

What we know is that most business owners don’t necessarily enjoy networking due to their bad experiences in the past.

The professional network is designed to be different to what you have experienced in the past.

For Example:

  • We have a belief that if you go with the intention to support someone in the room you will be taken care of
  • We don't just network, we are more like a mastermind where we connect, share each other's experiences and support each other to grow
  • We will ask you who you would like to be introduced to and make that introduction for you
  • We provide an environment and breakfast of a very high standard



Topic: How to be a high performing manager

Jaan Jerabek

Jaan Jerabek

Mandalong Sanctuary

Jaan is an authority on the emotional process and has been facilitating people professionally for Breathwork Therapy through workshops and individual treatments since he was 20. Jaan can help you with almost ANY life issue you are facing relatively quickly and efficiently. You will not be disappointed if you are ready to start to move towards the state and life you are really wanting to live.

During his journey Jaan has experienced what is viewed as a nice balance of approaches to this phenomena we call our evolution. He has spent years involved in the more confrontational approach to personal development and therapy, all the way to receiving initiation and daily instruction and meditation energy transmission from various enlightened masters.

Troy Eadie

CEO, Business Success Systems

Troy Eadie understands business but not only from a marketing, systems and tactics point of view I’m talking about a Jedi level deep thinking stand point.

He understands deeply how a successful business develop to the point he deconstructs logically and tangibly how history, biology and psychology determines what we do and results we get.

Troy has an unmatched ability to deconstruct the root causes of our business results and then apply them too simple but powerful models that will give you clear and tangible actions that will insure your business achieves new levels.

His unique insights ring true not only because he has helped many business owners achieve great results but he has also dedicated his life to mentoring business consultants so they too can share the message and implement change.

His mission is to revolutionise the way business owners think so that they can develop the freedom and prosperity they deserve, but he doesn’t stop there Troy’s passion extends so deep into the teams and families connected to those businesses.

Troy believes that if we run great businesses they will support and nurture great family’s and with great families we will inspire and raise up the next generations to come.

Glenn Adams

Glenn Adams

Consultant, Business Success Systems

Glenn Adams is an experienced corporate consulting professional who has worked with many leading global brands globally over the past 25 years. Building his first company at 17 which he still owns today, Glenn has had the opportunity to experience business growth and success from the ground up. Owning three companies to date and currently building another to open in 2018, Glenn delivers to clients a wealth of experience. 

During his time Glenn has successfully facilitated hundreds of seminars and workshops covering topics on People Management, Leadership, Behaviour, Psychology, Team Building, Finance, Sales, Culture, Marketing, Customer Service, Retention, Systems/Procedures, Coaching and Professional Development. He has conducted many global business operational reviews, audits and forensic financial fraud cases for leading companies and money lenders. 

A Masters in NLP (Neuro – Linguistic Practitioner) and a Myers-Briggs Psychological assessor, facilitating several thousand hours of corporate training, key note speaking and a behavior and psychology background, Glenn investigates, builds, designs and has expanded businesses of all sizes globally. 

With a passion for coaching and education, Glenn has designed, developed and rolled-out many corporate senior-management learning pathways for global elite businesses.  

Glenn’s primary passion is guiding, coaching and mentoring business owners to get to the next level of growth and educating staff and owners on avoiding the 5 fatal flaws in business.  

Glenn attributes a big part of his successful consulting career to the fact he is a business owner and has experienced much himself the ups and downs that get thrown at business owners daily. 

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Hear what people are saying about our events

I've done a bit of work with Troy and Greg over the years and it's an opportunity to expand my knowledge and tap into their knowledge and contacts.
Gary Woodcock, Yarrumdoc
I came to network and meet other businesses. You never know what you can learn.
Dale Healy, H & H Cabinets
Today was a great bunch of people. It shows that the network of Business Success Systems is strong and real people, doing real things and running real businesses.
Cameron R. Brown, The Thriving Collective
I met a lot of good people. Good professionals sharing around their experience. Not just business wise but also sharing around the business concepts and business attitude. So great experience, will definitely come back.
Jeff Hung, GB Advisors

Friday, 21 April 2017

8.00am to 12.30pm