FREE Business Strategy Session For owners with 5 or more team members

You don't have to do it alone. Set up and implement your plan with an expert.

The Stratgy Session 

FREE for owners with 5 or more team members  

In the session you will get clear on your goals and the challenges that are preventing you from achieving those goals.  

We will give you solutions that you can walk away from the session with.  

The meeting will be via Zoom, a conferencing system you can use on your phone or computer.  

This allows the session to be recorded so that you keep all of the work you did on your goals, challenges and solutions.

The 4 Step Formula To set you up for success

1. Where you are and where you want to be? 

Most businesses have plans and goals around what they want to achieve but they are vague at best.

The next level of business owner has clearly defined and communicated exactly what they want to achieve to the entire team and have them on board to help achieve it.  

The 3rd level is when a business owner get clear on what they want and how they are going to get it right from the top with the directors right down through the managers to the team.  

We specialise in helping business get very clear on what how and who is needed to so that the business is very clear on the direction and how to get there. 

2. Install an effective Structure  

Once you are clear on what how and who we now need to be very clear on what type of organisation structure is needed to manage and support the achievement of the goals.  

No matter the level year at in order for you to achieve the next level in goals/profit a new level of structure is needed to achieve it.  

  •  Clear lines of communication
  •  Clear roles responsibilities, KPI’s all linked to the overall goals 
  •  An organisational rhythm that supports and hold the structure together
  •  A means to effectively communicate business wide with technology with a click of a button
  •  Effective Team, 1 on 1’s and personal development meetings Clear policies and procedures  

Just to name a few are all so important in helping increase profit. Profit is normally eaten up by inefficiencies with how time is spent, structure is the means in which time is controlled and made more efficient.  

3. Define a new powerfull Strategy  

After installing an effective structure you will have a good foundation for profitable growth but it will all be pulled apart if an effective strategy isn't put in place to clear define exactly who the business serves and who the business does not serve. Moving forward you need to stop serving the clients that are not ideal so you can make space for the clients that are ideal that thrive when working with you but you don't want to do this in one foul swoop as you may very well lose a lot of turnover.  

So the strategy is a follows:

  •  Define the ideal strategy for the year
  •  Create marketing and sales collateral for you to target that strategy 
  •  Invest your resources in being the best at that strategy and allow the old strategy to fade in time.  

Follow these steps and you will see significant growth in profit.

4. Innovate for efficiency 

Do you sometimes feel like things take to long to get done? 


Do you need to be there every step of the way thinkning and solving problems for your team?

During this step we look at two areas of your business.  

  • We want to make things highly effecient and produce higher profits by, looking for ways to reduce expenses by 10%, Annalise workflow for efficiencies, Identify technology that can replace steps and look for what systems need to be create to reduce dependency on key personal 
  • Innovate the business so it stands out from the pack. We will take you though a process to innovate your business so potentially you have the ability to be disruptive and grow at much fater rates than your compition.


Who are we?

Since 2012, we've helped hundreds and hundreds of the right kind of passionate and proactive business owner (just like you) push their plans forward.

We've become recognised throughout Melbourne for our leadership events at the MCG, featuring expert professional speakers, super-successful business owners and leaders from all walks of life, like Kevin Sheedy, Ari Gulper, Cameron R. Brown, Julio De Laffitte, Glenn Adams, James Tuckerman… just to name a few. 

And I have made it my mission to bring back the sanity to business ownership.

So, do you have people in your network who are able to listen?

Do you have a network of high-calibre people who understand what it is to run a business, who can relate and provide real advice, not homespun wisdom.

It's often said that business ownership is a lonely journey. 

I don't believe that. 

It's about working and connecting with like-minded business owners and CEOs, and creating support networks where EVERYONE wins. 

Thanks again for taking an interest in my community. 

Troy Eadie - CEO

Who is this for? Or not for? 

This Discovery Session is for business owners who have a team of 5 or more employees.

This Discovery Session is not for people with less than 5 employees.

There are only a limited amount

I only have a small amount of one-on-one planning sessions with business owners on a regular basis to tailor an effective and achievable plan for their business.  

In fact, I only do 10 of these a month.  

If you are interested in having a one-on-one session, click below and I will have someone from my team contact you to arrange a time.