Success Attitude vs Positive Attitude


Often people running a business blame external events for their lack of success. That’s being like a victim. As a victim you’re always at the mercy of external events and things that are happening to you. A successful business owner is never at the mercy of external events.

What I’ve discovered is that they have what I call a success attitude, which is a little bit different from a positive attitude. A positive attitude is thinking that nothing can go wrong but a success attitude is about actually understanding what might go wrong but understanding that you have the ability to respond to those influences and external factors and doing something about it.

A success attitude is about believing you have the capability or the means to overcome challenges. Putting your mind to it, learning how to be a better business manager, how to be a better leader, how to change the way you do things in your business so it moves from inefficiency and struggles to efficiency and success. Having a success attitude makes the difference from being a victim and being a success. Taking charge of your own skills, your own attitude and your ability to get things done in your business.

Having a success attitude is the key to success and what I’ve found from the successful business owners that have achieved results is it starts in their mind. They see themselves being successful first and eliminate any victim mentality from their language, their speech and their thoughts.