Take Charge of Your Business Success


One of my biggest learnings when I was running my first business was actually understanding that if I was going to achieve success in the business, it was down to me. I needed to take total responsibility for everything that was going on in the business. Before I had that realisation I used to blame lots of other things. I used to blame my employees for not being good enough, I used to blame the economy for creating a difficult situation, I used to blame the government for making it hard for small business owners. But all that complaining and whinging didn’t do me any good at all.

I can still remember the exact day, time and moment that I realised I needed to take full responsibility for what was going on in my business. From that point on everything changed. When I took charge of that situation it just changed the way I thought about the business. What we find is that the greatest key to succeeding in business for our clients is actually changing the way they start to think about their business.

What you’re try to do is about achieving an end result but if we are just stuck in doing things, results don’t typically change. We might try to do things better and try to work harder and that’s what most people do running their own business, they’ll see a problem, see a challenge and they’ll throw more effort at it, they’ll try and work harder but we found that the first thing we need to do is actually change the way they think about the business and what they are doing because unless they change the way they think they’ll end up doing the same things and getting the same results.

The key is to change the way you think about your business and think about your role in the business to start with, to take a different perspective on it and then start to think how you can make it different.