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Business Success Systems was launched to address the main issues in SMEs, the mistakes that keep business owners trapped in their businesses and the barriers that prevent profitable, sustainable growth. We now have the methodology and the people to make it happen.  We help create extraordinary businesses every day.

Let’s be frank. There are alternative solutions on the market. However, in our experience, the Business Success Systems process has proven to be a superior solution to alternative products/services. The main reasons for the superiority boils down to the depth of content of each process and the level of consultant input into the process.

The Business Success Systems process provides an enhanced level of potency through the interactive process of investigation and solution development enabled by the high level of involvement of a highly qualified and experienced consultant in the process. The psychological element of the process cannot be underestimated. The difference is akin to someone going to a medical specialist to discuss a specific health issue compared to reading about that issue in a book. The direct interaction makes the process personal, with a full discussion of the implications, resulting in a decision to take action, whereas the less interactive process is a theoretical exercise which results in less commitment to action, and even when it does, the diagnosis and remedy are less customised to the specific needs of the client.

While other services provide many useful tools and templates, they fail to add up to a structured, systematic development pathway that helps you look at least two stages ahead in the business growth model, so you can not only grow your business successfully, you can anticipate and work through the implications of growth and avoid becoming stuck behind a barrier. With Business Success Systems, you are provided with more than a toolkit and some brief training on how to use it. You become an integral part of a team that works in an ongoing partnership focused on delivering you the ultimate service – helping you achieve your business goals so that you have the financial capability and freedom to achieve your personal lifestyle goals as well.

We work closely with you to customise a seamless process where you and the Business Success Systems team work together to ensure you achieve the results you want.

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“From a purely profit and loss perspective, the return on investment has been easy to see, but we’ve gained so much more out of this program than just increased profit.”
Martin Gamble, Gamcorp

“In 12 months we’ve seen almost a doubling of our turnover and with that obviously our profitability has gone up as well. We started seeing results within the first two to three months … our growth in our revenue and productivity more than paid for Greg’s fees…. Return on investment for the program I would rate as very high. The figures speak for themselves.”
Damien Battersby, Proactive IT Solutions

“We got added benefits that I didn’t even anticipate through this process. A much more engaged cohesive team, a very clear idea together of where we are going, and a much more solid idea of how we are going to get there. I think we’ve all grown from it. There’s a level of trust through the whole team that we’ve never had before.”
Helene Higbee, Higbee-Schaffler Limited