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The 5 Critical Mistakes

TRANSCRIPT The normal situation for business owners is that they run a business that is totally dependent on them. They actually get stuck in the centre of the business, so as the business grows the pressure of running that business increases. We often hear business owners saying they don’t actually want to grow [...]

The 5 Critical Mistakes 2017-08-29T14:22:45+00:00

Take Charge of Your Business Success

TRANSCRIPT One of my biggest learnings when I was running my first business was actually understanding that if I was going to achieve success in the business, it was down to me. I needed to take total responsibility for everything that was going on in the business. Before I had that realisation I [...]

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Success Attitude vs Positive Attitude

TRANSCRIPT Often people running a business blame external events for their lack of success. That’s being like a victim. As a victim you’re always at the mercy of external events and things that are happening to you. A successful business owner is never at the mercy of external events. What I’ve discovered is [...]

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How to Grow Your Business Successfully

TRANSCRIPT There are lots of challenges that business owners face and I think that when you look at successful business owners, we can look at people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and other successful business owners and think well how could I ever be as good as they are? But when you [...]

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Business Vision

TRANSCRIPT Having a compelling vision for your business is so critical because a lot of business owners actually lose sight of the purpose they started the business for and end up just hitting a level where they get stuck and their life becomes a bit like running on a treadmill, they are working [...]

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Embracing Change in Business

TRANSCRIPT People have what’s called a comfort zone and change often challenges that comfort zone but in business nothing ever stays the same. There’s always something changing, whether it’s a government policy, the economy or what clients want. A business that is trying to stay static is a business that is due to [...]

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Business Plan to Work on the Business

TRANSCRIPT A lot of people have heard about needing to work both in your business and on your business. That’s great advice but what I’ve experienced is that people don’t actually know what working on your business is. They don’t actually know what things to do to work on the business. While that’s [...]

Business Plan to Work on the Business 2017-08-29T14:22:45+00:00

Marketing for Sustainable Growth

TRANSCRIPT In a professional service firm, it’s very easy to get caught up with doing the work. That’s the most important thing. Usually the owner of the business is a technical expert, whether they are an accountant, whether they are an engineer, architect, graphic designer, whatever it is, they are the technical expert [...]

Marketing for Sustainable Growth 2017-08-29T14:22:45+00:00